Lee Mallon

In 2017 I started a lifetime project to automate and optimize as much of monotonous tasks in my personal and business life as I can, utilising technology where best. Our lives are becoming increasing busier and mainly on the things we don’t want to be doing. I want to change this to focus on the things that bring me the most value in life.

If you have any input to this endeavour please get in touch.

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What to talk: 01202 611 191

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I love to share from experiences

If you have an event you would like me to speak at or you have some awesome to share yourself please get in touch.


Cynical Developer

Alexa play Cynical Developer

Find out all about Alexa and building for a voice first world.



Banning Internal Email

Over 2 years ago I banned internal email in my company and saw a 24% productivity gain within 4 weeks. By optimising my personal relationship with email I hit inbox zero almost daily.


Cynical Developer

Cross Platform Mobile Development

If your a C# development or looking for a technology to build native cross platform mobile apps, enjoy this introductive interview on where to get started.



9 out of 10 startups fail

A personal story of using failure positivitly and the power to adapt to the ever changing landscape of tbe digital first world we live in.

Past Events

Dev South Coast, Southampton

Amazon Lambda & C# for Alexa Voice Apps

Mobile UX London, London

Understanding the UX of Voice Apps

Xamarin Evolve, Austin Texas

The importance of UX within mobile over UI and the power of simplicity.

London Mobile .NET Group

Getting 99% code reuse across iOS, Android with Xamarin Forms - The good and the bad.

Dev South Coast, Southampton

12 months of backing kick starter projects, what cool tech innovations are launching around the corner.

Festival of Learning, Bournemouth Universty

Learnings of building a 5km wide IoT network of Bouremouth, from building hardware to educating the business community on the possiblities.

Xamarin Dev Day, Bournemouth

Building mobile dev ops within your Microsoft Azure Cloud and how it can be easily intergrated within your CI/CD flow.

Mobile Dorset, Bournemouth

How to build a LoRaWAN IoT network for under £800 and cover an entire town.

Tech Fair, Jersey

IoT panel sharing opportunities a smart island economy could create. From marine research to wearable and digital health tech, how can Jersey be a leading global test bed.

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