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When you run out of things to say

04 Oct 2018

Attending the Voice Summit in Newark in July was a great experience, hearing about all the amazing things people have and are creating with the voice space showed how both new voice first is but ho...


The Voice Summit 2018 Round Up

03 Aug 2018

The end of July saw the largest voice conference of the year hit Newark, bringing the global voice community together at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. With over 2,000 attendee’s filling m...


What is the UI of AI, is it voice?

18 Jul 2018

Have you heard about this AI thing, apparently AI is going to change all our lives, and in ways, we don’t even know yet. With the rise of AI-based technology and the automation of mundane tasks it ...


Launch of the Made For Voice Podcast

12 Jul 2018

Today is an exciting day as the launch of the Made For Voice Podcast, you can listen to a short intro episode where I explain why I have started the Podcast.


The 10 apps I want to see up their voice assistant game

04 Jul 2018

The average user has 80 apps installed on their phone but day to day only use 8 of them. Judging by the current top app download charts, you can see that the same apps dominated by the tech giants.


Siri Shortcuts and why Deliveroo is going to get all my money

20 Jun 2018

It is no secret that Amazon and Google have been making moves and placing their bet on the voice assistant market. With Amazon focusing on the home speaker eco-system and Google becoming a voice-dr...


Making money from voice

07 Jun 2018

Though Google Duplex freaked a lot of people out, it also propelled voice into the mind of businesses because unlike with other platforms in the market so far, Google just showed how you can make m...


Lessons so far from building Voice Apps

30 May 2018

So you hear those special five words in a meeting “We need a voice skill”, and it brings back memories of the “We need an app” and “We need a website” statements of years before us. Of course, the ...


Voice in cars = exponential voice adoption

24 May 2018

In 2017 the UK passed a law making it illegal to use your phone while driving. The UK has always had strong driving laws, and rightly so, the difference with this law were the consequences. If you ...


Humanising voice assistants, should we?

17 May 2018

As Google’s DeepMind releases technology Wavenet , that produces computer generated voices nearly indistinguishable from a human’s, should DeepMind be creating this? We saw Google’s demo of the ve...

Made For Voice Podcast

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0# Made For Voice Intro Episode

11 Jul 2018

The launch of the weekly Made For Voice podcast all about voice technology, sharing the stories of people and companies changing the world through voice and conversational experiences. Having alr...

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GDPR and trying to delete 137 of my online account

23 Sep 2018

Over the years like most people I have gathered a long list of online accounts, a digital fingerprint spreading across the internet. Some of these accounts I was forced to create to purchase a sing...


Being customer 38 of Monzo

06 Jun 2018

if you have never heard of Monzo it is a mobile-only bank. Monzo started as a prepaid card you could top up and use like your traditional bank, but you would get your transaction history within a m...


How I increased my writing speed 5x in 10 weeks

10 May 2018

I have always found writing hard work, trying to get ideas that are racing through my brain down on paper, missing words, getting things the wrong way around and writing down using the same languag...


9 months owning an electric car (not a Tesla)

21 Nov 2017

In March this year, I bought (3-year lease) a Nissan Leaf, and it changed my view of driving forever.


39 hours of fasting and gaining NZT like focus

16 Nov 2017

Last week I had a mixed progress week, I was travelling around a lot with a few nights away, and though I exercised and ate relatively well, I started to feel a reduction in clarity I had been gett...


Fighting fit in 8 weeks, time to change everything

29 Oct 2017

After completing our family Kanban system ( read about that here ), we started to get a hold of life tasks. My desire to automate or remove mundane life tasks is to focus on things of value. My nex...


Using Kanban at home for the last 3 months. Can agile work for households?

26 Sep 2017

Having operated a Kanban work system for the last year and seeing how it enabled more of a continuous development delivery process, I wondered if it could be useful at home.


Automating Life

23 Sep 2017

I am going to automate or remove any manual task in my life that doesn’t provide me value by doing it manually.


A dad’s guide to taking your 4 year old daughter on a business trip

28 Feb 2017

Back in October 2016 I took my four year old daughter on a business trip to Austria for three days. She was with me every minute of every day, sitting in on my meetings and joining in on the advent...


Seven fantastic mentors and where to find them

07 Feb 2017

Who is your mentor? That was the question I put to the many people who I met last year who were either looking to grow their freelance business into an agency or to leave their employment to start ...

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