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Launching LearnXamarin.dev

26 February 2021

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Launching a training programme

Today I am launching a training programme for .NET development teams who want to build mobile applications for iOS and Android.

For the last eight years, I have led rarely impossible, a mobile app agency focusing on Xamarin development for enterprise. We have been delivering face to face training to enterprise .NET teams to upskill their internal developers for the last four years alongside providing development services.

The pandemic last year moved our training and support online, and this year due to a change of personal circumstances (I am travelling the world from August 2021), the training programme we delivered over the last four years has now completed it's adaptation to being an online programme for .NET development teams.

LearnXamarin.dev is the most comprehensive programme (in my opinion, of course) to upskill your .NET team for mobile development now and in the future.

What does the programme include?

Firstly the programme assumes your development team are proficient .NET C# developers though no mobile experience is needed. The programme teaches your team four areas of delivering a mobile product (prototyping, developing, launching and iterating).

Prototyping - how the mobile paradigm compares to web and desktop, including how to determine if an app is the right choice for a project, how you apply mobile UX and design and the importance of naming your product, especially in a consumer app world.

Developing - code, code, code, from setting up your IDE for mobile development, building cross-platform UIs in XAML, working with local caching, API integration (your own and 3rd parties), secure authentication and deploying automated UI tests.

Launching - an overlooked stage for most development teams but a very important one, we focus on app certifications, the approval process for iOS and Android (they are different), and generation of store listing media assets.

Iterating - understanding and growing your mobile product via app analytic, optimising App Store SEO, push notification best practices and App Store review management.

How long does it take?

The sessions of the programme can be completed within a week through a mix of pre-recorded sessions and 16 hours of live video sessions between myself and your development team.

There are always going to be difficulties and issues that will come up when starting a new platform, and that is why this programme gives each developer enrolled eight thirty-minute 1 to 1 video calls with myself to help debug issues or ask architecture questions. Over the last four years of delivering this training, the post-training developer support is the key to ensuring your development team can confidently and successfully build for mobile.

So what about .NET 6 and MAUI?

You may or may not be aware that Microsoft has begun unifying the Xamarin Forms platform into .NET with a new UI platform called MAUI (Multi-platform App UI). The GA (general release) of this will be around November 2021. All Xamarin Forms projects will still work, and Microsoft will provide a migration path to MAUI but things are going to take a few months to settle down and for third party packages to been updated.

Therefore if you purchase the learnxamarin.dev programme now, you will get free access to the learnmaui.dev programme when I launch it in Q4 2021.

What does this programme cost?

The programme costs £2,549 (ex vat) per developer (with a three developer minimum). This programme is designed for development teams who want to get up to speed in mobile quickly from a trusted and experienced source who focuses on building and deploying code rather than tutorials.

So for £7,647 (ex vat) you can have a mobile development team inside your business deploying their first app in two weeks and confidently deploying enterprise grade apps within two months.

What you get in the programme is:

  1. 16 hours of live video sessions between your team and myself with open Q&A.
  2. 15 hours of pre-recorded videos from monetisation to background syncing.
  3. 3 hours of bespoke video tailored to the types of projects your team are working on.
  4. 8 thirty-minute 1 to 1 video calls per developer between them and myself to debug any issues or ask for advice (all calls can be recorded and accessed for team learning if desired).
  5. Setup of your CI/CD using Azure DevOps and Microsoft AppCenter.
  6. Videos are updated periodically throughout the year to ensure the latest and best practices are being demonstrated.
  7. Complimentary access to learnmaui.dev when launches in Q4 2021.

If you're interested in adding a mobile product skillset to your existing .NET development team, then please get in touch to discuss how this programme can achieve this for your team and business or visit learnxamarin.dev for more details and sample sessions.

Below is a peak preview of adding Maps to your iOS and Android apps below.